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May 15, 2018

In my last blog post, I recommended skipping several items that may be on your baby checklist. I promised that my next blog post would feature items you should consider adding to your new baby check list. Some of them are a little weird, so keep reading to learn about the items that helped me stay sane as a new mom.

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 1. Car Seat Cover

My first fellow was a June baby, and by the time he was five months old, it was getting pretty chilly out. Since babies (or kiddos) shouldn’t wear coats under car seats, we needed something to help keep him warm in Colorado’s oftentimes negative temperatures. After much research, I discovered car seat covers. These do not cause any safety issues and helped keep my guy warm. This was one of the most useful baby purchases I made.

2. A White Noise Machine

Ohmygosh! A noise machine was such a great purchase.

We didn’t order one in the beginning, but I am so glad we eventually got one. It would have been helpful to have from the start to alleviate concerns about creaking floor boards, barking dogs, and distance train horns…but it really came in handy when we were traveling. I could put baby down and leave a “strange” room and there was a bit of familiarity to help him sleep.

I bought the linked one, and it held up very well to travel, constant use, and the occasional fall. I would definitely add it to a new baby checklist.

3. A Fisher Price Rock’n Play Sleeper

I didn’t have one of these with my first, and I am slow glad we borrowed a Rock’n Play for my second. I was nervous about letting my first-born sleep in anything other than a Pack and Play or a crib (SIDS and all), but by my second, I needed something smaller and appreciated portability. The Rock’n Play was great for this. And, the ability to rock him to sleep (or to calm down) was great too.

4. Ergobaby with Infant Insert

I had all sorts of baby carriers–some where purchased and some were gifted. Many of them confused me, hurt my back, required a degree in physics to work…but my very favorite was my Ergobaby baby carrier. It was great for neighborhood walks with my newborn son, and it was great for hikes once he was a little older. I was appreciative I had the infant insert so I could get out there when he was super young. (I still had to practice using it a bit and practice loading baby so that I was comfortable in his safety.)

This is another definite new baby checklist item!

5. Changing Table

I know some people who skipped a changing table, opting instead to change baby on bed. Every time I changed my son’s diaper on a bed, it would just kill my lower back. So, even through a changing table costs a bit of money and takes up space, I am so happy we had one. (I bought an inexpensive one from Ikea.)

6. Multi-use Pad for Changing Table

Maybe this is like the Ultimate Crib Sheet that I never understood…but, at any rate, I love using these quilted multi-use pad covers over my changing table topper. (To be clear, I had the topper covered with a changing table sheet and then these covers on top.) I had a few of them (at all different thicknesses and price points), and it was easy to swap out these instead of having to wash the cute changing table topper sheet. Plus, I used them to put under my boys to change diapers when I was traveling.

7. Video Baby Monitors

When I was making my new baby checklist, I remember wondering if I really needed video baby monitors…they seemed a little big brother-ish or something. But, I did spend the money, and I am glad I did. It was so fun to watch baby in his crib, especially as he got older! It was also super reassuring to watch newborn baby and know he was breathing!

I purchased these Motorola ones, and I liked that I could order an additional camera or base and not have to buy both all over again. (One broke at some point.)[/vc_column_text]

8. A Smaller Stroller

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Bob running stroller by my girlfriends. So lucky! But, my mom also purchased me a smaller stroller that she called my “house stroller.”

It was very helpful to have. I put baby in it, attached some toys to it, and brought it into the bathroom when it was time to shower. I could keep an eye on him and get in my shower! (Especially helpful once he was crawling.)

It was also easier to bring this stroller on the occasional shopping trip–navigating store aisles was way easier than using the Bob.

9. A Baby Play Gym (or Mat)

Out of all the things that you can put a baby in to let him or her play for a little bit, the basic play gym was always the favorite. It was portable, easy to play with your child in it, and great for practicing tummy time. I would forget the bouncers and jumpers and swings and be sure to get a play gym instead.

10. A Bottle Sterilizer

There are only so many things I have the time and energy for. Hand washing bottles throughout the day is not one of them. As I nursed less and offered bottles more, I was happy to have this bottle sterilizer. It was so easy to add bottles to it and then sanitize them as needed.

Do you have any recommendations for new baby checklist items? Please share in the comments!

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