January 24: La Double J

What I Wore

January 26, 2024

“We could do ayahuasca, baby, if I wasn’t holding all these drinks,” -Father John Misty

The Outfit of the Day

Today I donned my La Double J Saturday Night Pants and matching top. These items were purchased from the Real Real many months ago. I paired them with red earrings from J.Crew.

To all you marketers out there, if you name pants “Saturday Night Pants” or “Dancing Pants” (I think ace&jig made these), I am automatically going to be more interested in them.

La Double J Ad Campaign

In terms of marketing, not sure how I feel about all of La Double J’s ad campaigns. Love their prints and fabrics. I love how the items are made in Milan. I also love the idea of raising your vibration and of manifesting, which are messages the company touts.

Yet, not sure how I feel about a raising your vibration message coming from someone wearing $800 pants, $1200 dresses…I get that the brand is supposed to be fun and light and airy and not serious and that luxury clothing is a privilege. (Please note my used outfit from the Real Real was not these prices!!! There are secondhand La Double J clothes starting at $40.)

Gucci ad campaigns sell expensive clothing and the vibe is gritty and almost ugly. I don’t have any doubts or concerns. Something about these gorgeous humans with lanky arms and legs and perfect jawlines dancing happily…

Am I jealous? Do I feel excluded from the shiny happy people club because I have stresses like bills and mortgages and commuting and cooking dinner for kids? Do I just want my gurus to have hard lives and scars and imperfections? Am I totaling up the cost of all the outfits in my head? Am I just too cynical? And what about the fact that I have been pondering this campaign for a couple of days–what does that say about me? Does it even matter at all? Of course it doesn’t matter.

And no profound wrap ups–these are just my thoughts from this campaign. Maybe it is entirely successful because I’ve actually been contemplating it for a couple days and mentioned it in a blog post. But why, oh why, can’t it just be eye candy to me? And what do you think of the campaign? (Stills below.)

La Double J: Expense, Sustainability, More

Which begs the next question: Why are La Double J clothes so darn expensive? I mean, pants range from $800-$1000. What?! They are made in Milan, Italy, which makes me breathe at least a little sigh of relief…it seems that the clothes are works of art, with beautifully made fabrics from Italian mills…

The Good on You website says that La Double J’s sustainability is “Not Good Enough,” and I really want this brand to be sustainable. High vibrations and sustainability go together in my mind as a good life. The rating, however, is a bit vague. Reasons for their ranking include not using eco-friendly materials, no public fair labor/pay policy, and for using leather, wool, and exotic animal hair and silk.

The Double J website states that, “We’re not perfect, but we take pride in how we produce, creating clothes and homeware that deliver high-impact happiness with as little impact on our planet as possible. Working with artisans in our back yard affords us a shorter supply chain and significantly lower carbon footprint.”

They also talk about being a “platform for the under-represented and under-valued, supporting and celebrating those who have given us so much, by holding space and sharing their voices.” La Double J lets Milan’s community of healers host workshops for free in one of their spaces. They donate clothing to Free Free, a movement that works towards helping woman worldwide.

I’m still on the fence about the brand in terms of feeling totally good about them. Raquel Allegra, no qualms. I think I am being harder on La Double J because I want them to be amazing. I love their prints, I do love their message, I love their fun, and I want it to all add up.

And, yes, I will be looking for more La Double J deals on the Real Real.

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