The Most Boring Gifts to Give A Pregnant Woman or New Mom

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December 18, 2017

They May Be Boring, But I Am Glad I Received Them.

With all the holiday gifting that is going on, I started to think about some of the favorite gifts that I’ve received over the years. They may not be favorites in the exciting new car gift kind of way (I’ll know my family is set if my husband ever gifts me a car on Christmas!), or favorites in the sentimental kind of way, but there have been a few gifts over the years that have helped my life immensely. Even if they are incredibly boring.

NOTE: I would suggest not gifting these items on Christmas day. Unless you have other things to balance them out. But, I would totally recommend sending them as a surprise to your pregnant friend or the new mom you know.

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1. A Grabber

The grabber is great! Sorry for the image and link, but I wasn’t sure if you would know what I am talking about. My mom sent me one of these towards the end of one of my pregnancies. Sure, I laughed, scoffed, and rolled my eyes when I received it, but it turned out to be pretty wonderful. I could pick things up without bending over! And as any pregnant women can confirm, bending over towards the end of pregnancy, when the house is full, is very uncomfortable. This was also nice to have after delivery when I was sore.

2. A Broom and Dust Pan Set

Yes, still with the cleaning theme. And this was another gift from my mom. (Is she trying to tell me something?!) BUT, before kids, I could sweep my kitchen floor every few days (okay, perhaps I did this even less). Since the boys started eating solid foods, I have to sweep after every single meal. Sigh. At least a broom with a dust pan on a stick helps make it super easy.

3. Spray Bottles

Since kids, I’ve used spray bottles for many things including a baby shampoo, an apple cider vinegar rinse for my post-pregnancy hair, a cat pee deterrent, and cleaning supplies. Housing all of these in a spray bottle has made them super easy to use.

If the pregnant or new mom in your life are cut of the DIY cloth, or if they are into organic food/beauty/etc., spray bottles are a great gift. I prefer plastic spray bottles because I am afraid of my boys breaking glass, but your person may prefer glass. (Maybe one day for me.)

These are so helpful to have around my house.

4. Foam Soap Dispensers

We go through so much more soap since the boys. I was always running out of it, and in a bit of a soap jam, so I started making my own foamy soap. Having a few foam soap dispensers on hand makes it super easy, obviously. I use this recipe from the Wellness Mama blog to make my soap. I like to add a few drops of orange-scented essential oil to mine.

5. Rechargeable Batteries (And Charger)

OMG. So boring. I remember bringing my breast pump places to pump on the go, and it took about 24 fresh AA batteries to ensure suction power. Running out of a batteries was a matter of comfort or agony. Using rechargeable batteries totally helps save money. Since I am a wedding photographer who has to light wedding receptions with small flashes that run on AA batteries, I am a fan of eneloop rechargeable batteries. They are the best.

For charging those batteries, I use the La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger. It does a great job charging my eneloops, but it does take a long time. This could be due to whatever setting I have the system on, which means this set up is probably too complicated for a sleep-deprived mama. If I were gifting this for a mom, I’d stick with something a little more simple. (I cannot vouch for anything else, so no recommendations here, sorry.)

Totally practical gift ideas to give pregnant women and new moms.
Best boring (read practical) gifts to give a pregnant woman or new mom.

Do you have any practical gifts to give a pregnant woman or new mom in your life?

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