Introducing a Sweet Nursery Room Reveal for Baby Boy

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May 3, 2018

Baby Boy Nursery Room Decor Inspiration

This blog post about nursery room decor is a total happy trip down memory lane. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had the time and energy to dream about putting together a sweet nursery for my baby. It was so important to me, and such a fun way to spend my time. Pinterest, Land of Nod, Ikea, other nursery decor blog posts…I loved putting together a comfortable, charming space for my baby. And when he was a few months old, I took photos of his nursery to help other mamas and to document it for the memories.

I wanted a fun color scheme for the nursery and ended up choosing navy blue and lime green. I also liked that if I ever was to have a girl (sadly not in the cards!), I would be able to reuse many of the pieces by just adding pink to the mix.  (Or even sticking with just the navy and lime green, since I’m not that into pinks.)

I also wanted to use a lot of things that I had accumulated over the years. (My mom mailed me tons of my baby/kid stuff!) I love the idea of bringing old memories into a space through objects, and using the objects to create new memories.

Keep scrolling for photographs of baby boy nursery room decor.

Crib, Bedding, and Sleeping Area

I wanted all organic, safe, environmentally-friendly and super nice for my first child.

The crib is from Land of Nod, which is now Crate and Kids. (The current closest match is their Jenny Lind crib.) When I bought it, I also made sure to purchase the crib to toddler bed conversion kit, which I highly recommend you do when buying a crib.

The mattress is the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Crib Mattress. It served us well!

Bedding is from Carousel Designs, and I loved their selection. They make their bedding in the USA, which is something I definitely appreciate.

The animal artwork is by Sharon Montrose, and is available at The Animal Print Shop. I framed the prints myself using picture frames from Ikea.

The mobile was a piece my mom had hanging in her office and Paddington Bear belonged to me as a babe!

nursery room reveal

Sitting Area

I loved the oversized chair that we purchased from Ikea for the nursery. (Which I am not seeing on a quick scroll through their website.) I looked at plenty of rockers and gliders, but because my husband is a tall fellow, I went with a huge chair instead. (I purchased an extra cover for this chair, and I am glad I did. After a couple years, the boys destroyed it, and now it looks as good as new!)

My mother-in-law loaned us the ottoman and cover. I loved having it while I nursed/snuggled with my little guy.

I bought the table from, or something like that. I was just trying to slightly match the crib.

The lamp was from Pottery Barn Kids. It is a touch base lamp, which I loved when Jackson was little…so easy to turn on or off when carrying around a baby. The lampshade and curtains are also from there. The curtain rods with rounded finials are an Ikea purchase.

More Sharon Montrose animal art is hanging on the walls, as well as a piece by a local artist. The blanket was made by a family member and the panda bear belonged to me! The dancing bear piggy pant also belonged to baby me.

Diaper Area

We sure spent a lot of time here! (I’m glad that part is over with!)

Because my old dresser (which I used in the nursery) was so tall, I needed to buy a changing table. I went cheap from Ikea, but splurged on the diaper holder and changing pad cover (which were from Carousel Designs and matched the bedding). I bought storage bins from Land of Nod, and they are still available from Crate and Kids. The mirror was another Land of Nod purchase, and I don’t see it online now.

I made the mobile myself, based on a DIY project on the Land of Nod website. I loved bringing in the bright green into room! Just paint a embroidery hoop whatever color you want, paint wooden beads your desired color, and buy some garlands to hang from the hoop. (Like these ones or these ones.)

Clothing Storage

When I first started shopping for baby things, I bought lots of little hangers. But then I realized…I am having a boy…and I am not going to hang many of his clothes. It’s not like he has cute dressed to wear! So I realized the dresser was going to be the main clothing storage.

I framed an old picture my sister drew when she was young…I’ve loved her horses enough to keep them for years and years! We were gifted the cute print in the gold frame, as well as the whimsical Maileg brand toy soldiers and castle. I made the sculpture as a kiddo and acquired the green and blue trinket bowl somewhere along the way.


My brother-in-law did a total closet makeover for us, and I am so thankful. He made the doors look amazing! They used to be cheap brown ugly things, but not anymore. I painted the inside closet wall (and the wall behind the books) lime green, and I love it.

My mother-in-law gifted us the leather rabbit book-ends and the shiny ball toy belonged to my husband when he was a baby.

The Nursery In Use!

The nursery held up well for the couple years we used it with just one child. And before we were gifted way too many toys. It was functional, relaxing, and had a great play space on the floor. And if my baby wasn’t using it, the pets sure enjoyed it!

A Few Before Photos

I am definitely not 100% organized, but I have a few before/during photos from before the nursery room decor happened!

Do you have any sources of inspo for nursery room decor? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Also, in case you remember my review of Havenly’s home decor for living room help…I’ll be posting a follow up blog post in the next several weeks! I am still (slowly) working on finishing touches!

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