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Tips for families traveling to Moab, Utah including where to camp, where to eat, what to do, where to shop, and more! Enjoy your own Moab vacation.

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Family Tested: The Inside Scoop on the Best Time in Moab, Utah

Tips for families traveling to Moab, Utah including where to camp, where to eat, what to do, where to shop, and more! Enjoy your own Moab vacation.


Random Thoughts + My Paxil Journey

I’ve been writing blog posts in my head for weeks and weeks, but I haven’t logged on and actually created one.

About how glorious it is to not be isolated anymore. Now that my boys are both in school, I see other adults at least twice a day! And these grown-ups have, like 50% of their life in common with me: we have kids the same age-ish and we live in the same location. Sure we may chat about what snacks to buy at the grocery store or what makes sense to buy at Costco, but these are actual human interactions with people who can reason at relatively high levels. Woah!

About clothing and spending your money to support your beliefs. For me, that means buying fair trade or environmentally-conscious or Made in USA or from women owned companies. And how to afford these clothes. And what on earth to wear as a mom.

About creating art. About comparing yourself to others. About self-doubt. About ignoring self-doubt. About being truly engaged versus just skimming by on the surface. About how to be truly engaged with kids and a house to care for and little money and a business to run and a garden to water and a husband too.

About health and nutrition and a loss of motivation. I cannot make smoothies for breakfast and I no longer exercise everyday. And what that means. And how to feed my son’s less sugar.

About cool things like rose quartz crystal facial rollers and intuitive energy alignment and things that border on wu wu.

About how the information I’ve shared on this blog thus far has been fairly light and easy and sometimes slightly ridiculous. Did I do a post about dishwasher troubleshooting? All of the info would be helpful to me if I was a mom like me, or it is helpful to me, but it isn’t terribly profound. And yet some of the posts are important, like the one about Rad Girl Revolution. The one about having a blood clot while pregnant.


My Oldest Started Kindergarten…and Picks!

Kindergarten?I Say what? Plus picks for August…including what to binge watch for giggles.


It’s CSA Time! How to Use Your Radishes

It’s CSA Time! How to Use Your Radishes in this quick, easy, vegan, delicious radish recipe.


5 Things You’ll Love to Do in Estes Park, Colorado

Top 5 Things to Do in Estes Park Colorado. Especially great if you are with friends or older kids.

young girl acting as presindent in the oval office


Inspiring Your Daughters — Behind the Scenes with RAD Girl Revolution

Inspire your girls and teach your sons–this post is about girl empowerment.

dad carrying infant baby


You’ll Love These New Baby Checklist Items

This post raves about items you should have on your new baby checklist. Some are a little unusual! Keep reading to learn more!

smiling baby wearing striped shirt


Skip These Items On Your Baby Checklist to Save Money

You seriously do not need any these items on your baby checklist…cross them off and save some money!


Introducing a Sweet Nursery Room Reveal for Baby Boy

This blog post about nursery room decor is a total happy trip down memory lane. I took photos of my first baby’s nursery and am excited to share some nursery inspo with you today!

kayaks in salida colorado


Fun Things to Do in Salida Colorado with Kids

Looking to spend some time in the mountains of Colorado with your family? Here’s the scoop on things to do in Salida, CO with your kids.


Our fave paint colors

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